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Umbrella Insurance

Residents of North Carolina are not required by law to carry umbrella insurance. However, many people choose to do so because of the benefits it provides. Umbrella insurance is designed to work alongside your other insurance policies and kicks in when your liability limits have been reached. The amount covered under an umbrella policy tends to be much greater than on your primary insurance, and it can also cover circumstances not included in your other policies.

Umbrella Insurance Available

North Carolina law requires that drivers in the state purchase liability insurance, but such insurance will not be able to cover large expenses arising from a crash involving multiple vehicles or significant medical costs. Umbrella insurance for your automobile will protect your assets in the scenario you are sued for damages. It will keep you from having to cover such costs out of pocket. For homeowners, it is recommended that you purchase homeowners umbrella insurance if you own a swimming pool or a non social pet, as it can cover costs and damages relating to accidents and animal bites.

In North Carolina, companies with three or more employees are required to purchase workers' compensation insurance that protects Raleigh, NC business owners when their employees suffer an injury on the job. Purchasing commercial umbrella insurance will ensure that you have a greater degree of coverage with paying workers' salaries and medical costs. Also, you can purchase umbrella insurance to supplement your malpractice, landlord, and renters insurance. It can also cover things like libel, malicious prosecution, and false arrest.

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