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Retail & Restaurants

There are many challenges in running a business in Raleigh, NC. Problems may include loss of property or income due to damage and lawsuits among many other things. With restaurant or retail insurance, you reduce the problems and concerns. Watchmen Insurance Group coverage allows you to concentrate on growing the business and providing satisfactory services to your customers by giving them quality food or merchandise.

With any business, the risks are unique. A typical North Carolina restaurant or retail insurance policy includes:

  • General liability
  • Property coverage
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Loss of income
  • Identity theft insurance
Why do you need restaurant or retail insurance?

Any food related business or restaurant should have insurance coverage for protection. Different types of insurance covering the food industry include bar insurance, cafeteria, catering, lounge, food delivery insurance, fast food, and pizza restaurant insurance. The laws governing the food business vary from state to state. Therefore, it is important to familiarize with the local regulations in your locality.

A retail insurance policy can help you protect your merchandise and employees. Theft is a huge issue among the retail world and making sure your inventory is safe in the event of an emergency or disaster helps you maintain financial stability in the event of a loss.

Business owner coverage

This coverage provides protection for general liability, property, and loss of income. The general liability insurance guards you against lawsuits and financial liability resulting from building damage, slips, and other business risks. Contact our agents to know if you are eligible for general liability coverage.

Workers compensation insurance cover

The policy helps you cater for medical bills and a portion of the employee's lost wages arising from illness or injury during work. Check with the agents for eligibility before including the coverage in your insurance package.

Restaurant insurance for business vehicles

All types of business vehicles need coverage including food trucks, vans, pickups, commercial trailers, and box trucks. Business Crime insurance covers robberies, forgery, and employee theft which are also obstacles to the business. The insurance covers losses both outside and within the business.

As an insurance company, Watchmen Insurance Group understands your challenges and risks by helping you overcome them with a policy that fits the specific needs of your North Carolina business. You can consider getting a business owner's policy, which combines liability insurance, property insurance, and other standard coverage all in a convenient package.

Visit our office in Raleigh, NC to learn more about the benefits of insurance. If you aren’t a local, contact us by phone and we can help guide you on how to obtain a policy that helps your business.