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Builders & Contractors

Builders and general contractors are tasked with overseeing complicated and physically demanding tasks on construction projects. Whether it's keeping things on schedule, to managing employee safety and productivity, or to please the client, the work of builders and contractors is an all-encompassing business. It's important that contractors and builders can maintain the peace of mind that builders/contractors insurance provides.

This type of policy secures your work and helps to shield you from the devastating impact of accidents or injuries. While there is no way to remove all the risks that come with the construction industry, the Watchmen Insurance Group offers general liability insurance for the Raleigh, NC area and North Carolina construction professionals.

Why Choose General or Professional Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance works to safeguard you and your business from construction site accidents involving minor bodily harm. This type of coverage can also protect you from complaints or lawsuits from clients over faulty products or services. It also covers any future harm to a client or customer that might come from a product or service.

When included as part of a comprehensive insurance program, general liability will often automatically increase as you start new projects, offer new services, or expand on job sites.

Professional liability insurance enlarges your scope of protection even further. This type of insurance also includes mistakes made by general contractors, shielding your company assets from errors that can result in damage or financial loss.

Other Types Of Construction Insurance

Throughout the course of your business and your projects, you might find that you require additional coverage or levels of service.

The Watchmen Insurance Group can also provide options for tools and equipment insurance to cover your valuable kit, as well as builder's risk or course of construction insurance for damage to properties under construction or remodel, along with workers' compensation or business auto insurance.

Why Choose Watchmen Insurance Group Builders/Contractors Insurance?

Watchmen will help to safeguard your North Carolina construction business so that it continues to operate at optimal levels. We offer adaptable coverage at very reasonable prices to best suit your needs.

Get in touch or stop by for a visit in Raleigh, NC to speak with one of our dedicated insurance professionals today to talk about your options and coverage opportunities. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes on auto and home insurance.