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About Us

Watchmen is a locally owned independent insurance agency in Raleigh, NC born out of our calling to be servant leaders. The name Watchmen carries significant meaning for us and our clients. In the ancient societies, as crops were ripening towards the harvest, men stood watch guarding the fields from animals and thieves. With the communities basic food stores at stake, these "watchmen" were critical to the townspeople. We also see watchmen throughout the bible (Isaiah 62:6, Ezekiel 3:17, Ezekiel 33:2) who were commissioned to warn the people from their ways as their future eternity was in jeopardy. We aim to help our clients understand the risks they are vulnerable to and ensure the appropriate protections are in place.

Our 4-C Promise is to provide:

  • COUNSEL (guidance)
  • CLARITY (understanding)
  • COMPASS (direction)
  • COMFORT (peace of mind)
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